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Below is a list of winners from the 20th Annual Boonesborough Boogie Nationals held this past October.  If your name appears and you did not get an award, then we apologize for the misprint.  As of today, all awards have been given out. 


Bobbie Bell Smith, Minford OH, 1967 Chevy Camaro
Colt & Dorothy LaHaye
Bill Curtis, Winchester KY
1989 & DOWN:
Chip Ackerman, Lexington KY, 1996 Chevy Impala
Jenny Adkins, Owingsville KY, 1965 Chevy Impala Wagon
Jerry Adkins, Owingsville KY, 1955 Chevy Belair
Dale Albrecht, Georgetown KY, 1970 Chevy Nova
Diane Bailey, Owingsville KY, 1981 DeLorean
Rick Ballard, Winchester KY, 1969 Pontiac Firebird
Donnie Barnett, Millersburg KY, 1923 Ford Roadster
Larry Barnett, Lexington KY, 1965 Chevy Corvair
Fred Belcher, Shelbiana KY, 1966 Chevy Chevelle
Ken Bethel, Burlington KY, 1955 Chevy
John Blakemore, Lebanon KY, 1940 Ford Truck
Joe Bond, Olive Hill KY, 1934 Ford
Dennis Boyd, Lexington KY, 1970 1/2 Chevy Camaro
Robert Brown, Morehead KY, 1937 Chevy Pickup
Tommy Bryant, Irvine KY, 1967 Chevy Chevelle
Keith Buchanan, Millersburg KY, 1933 Chevy
Tom & Patti Bullock, Lancaster KY, 1957 Chevy Belair
Kathleen & Mike Carr, Lexington KY, 1979 Chevy Corvette
Larry & Jenny Charles, Sadieville KY, 1966 Chevy Malibu
Bill & Donna Clark, Georgetown OH, 1932 Plymouth Sedan
John Clemons, Lexington KY, 1934 Ford
Nicole Cline, Morehead KY, 1968 Chevy Camaro
Bobby & Lyn Covert, Lexington KY, 1961 Mack B61
Benny Crowe, Winchester KY, 1934 Chevy Cabiolete
Homer Crowe, Richmond KY, 1964 Ford
Jackie Damron, Pikeville KY, 1959 Chevy Corvette
Charlie Day, Richmond KY, 1969 Plymouth GTX
Rick & Connie Deitz, Corinth KY, 1965 Chevy Malibu
Marvin Durbin, Winchester KY, 1929 Ford Model A
Jerry Flynn, Irvine KY 1955 Chevy Belair
Loyd & Christine Flynn, Irvine KY, 1930 Ford
Dakota Gabbard, Beattyville KY, 1987 Chevy Monte Carlo
Patrick Gambrell, Sadieville KY, 1972 Chevy Pickup
Davis George, Paris KY, 1931 Ford Model A Roadster
Greg Grimes, Frankfort KY, 1953 Frd F100
Dennis Head, Lexington KY, 1957 Chevy Belair
William Holzhause, Paris KY, 1955 Ford Crown Vic
Johnny & Cindy Howard, Frankfort KY, 1970 Chevy Camaro
Novie Howard, Nicholasville KY, 1967 Chevy Chevelle
Wes Howard, Paris KY, 1959 Chevy Apache
Quenton Humphrey, Winchester KY, 1934 Dodge Sedan
Denise Ison, Morehead KY, 1936 Chevy Pickup
Walter Jacobs, Frankfort KY, 1969 Ford Mustang
Bobby Johnson, Lexington KY, 1955 Chevy Pickup
Alfred & Kathleen Jones, Clay City KY, 1970 Dodge Challenger
Gary Jones, Jeffersonville KY, 1972 Chevy C-10
Tom Jones, Morehead KY, 1937 Ford Truck
Terry Kempffer, Winchester KY, 1951 Ford Victoria
John Kimbrell Jr, Winchester KY, 1969 Pontiac GTO
John Kutzio, Nicholasville KY, 1963 Ford Falcon
Doug Lawrence, Georgetown KY, 1927 Ford T-Bucket
Dwayne Lawrence, Paris KY, 1932 Ford
Dave Littleton, Grayson KY, 1955 Ford Mainline
Ralph Marcum, McKee KY, 1928 Ford Model A Hearse
Lowell Maybrier, Paris KY, 1957 Ford Thunderbird
Monty Maynard, Nicholasville KY, 1940 Chevy
Jerry McKenzie, Richmond KY, 1964 Chevy Malibu
Bob Merchant, Elizabethtown KY, 1958 Chevy Pickup
Alex & Jackie Miller, Irvine KY, 1969 Chevy Camaro
Keith Milton, Winchester KY, 1932 Ford Coupe
Jerry Minton, Hager Hill KY, 1957 Chevy Belair
Gene & Rhonda Moberly, Paris KY, 1977 Pontiac Trans Am
Dan Moore, Georgetown KY, 1966 Ford Mustang
John & Kathy Mullins, Clay City KY, 1979 Pontiac Trans Am
Name Unable to Read, Clay City KY, 1955 Chevy Belair
Kenny Norman, Beattyville KY, 1987 Chevy Monte Carlo
Kennedy Patrick, Campton KY, 1969 Chevy Chevelle
William Peavler, Junction City KY, 1957 Ford Thunderbird
Scott Perry, Frankfort KY, 1937 Ford
Ernest Presher, Richmond KY, 1970 Ford Mustang
Brian Profitt, Irvine KY, 1986 GMC
Brian Puckett, Winchester KY, 1987 Pontiac Trans Am
Ronnie Reffett, Paris KY, 1956 Chevy Belair
Kenny Reichback, Mt. Sterling KY, 1964 Chevy Nova
Butch & Nancy Richardson, Sharpsbur KY, 1949 Chevy Pickup
Danny Robinson, Paris KY, 1955 Chevy
Wesley Robinson, Pikeville KY, 1960 Chevy El Camino
George Sebastian, Winchester KY, 1961 Ford F100
Darrell Simpson, Seaman OH, 1969 Chevy Camaro
Glen & Jenny Snowden Ravenna KY, 1948 Ford Sedan
Fred Steinbrecher, Frankfort KY, 1962 Chevy Impala
Larry Stevenson, Paris KY, 1967 Chevy Nova
Enoch Thomas, Stanton KY, 1953 Ford F100
Larry Tillery, McKee KY, 1965 Pontiac GTO
Melissa Todd, Lexington KY, 1976 Chevy C10
John Walker Jr., Berea kY, 1947 Mercury
Bill Walter, Lexington KY, Plymouth Valiant
Gary Warren, Danville KY, 1932 Ford Roadster
Jack Warren, London KY, 1969 Chevy Camaro
Jennifer Weyland, Cynthiana KY, 1973 Dodge Charger
David Wilhoite, Frankfort KY, 1969 Chevy Camaro
Don Williams, Lexington KY, 1966 B&B Cobra
Norman Wilson, Georgetown KY, 1967 Buick Sedan
Kelly Wooten, Lexington KY, 1964 Chevy Corvette
Darrell Young, Lawrenceburg KY, 1934 Chevy Sedan
Nelson Young, Paris KY, 1956 Oldsmobile Holiday

1990 & UP:
Gary Callian, Culcoden WV, 2008 Dodge Challenger
Tony Asbury, Carlisle KY, 2009 Dodge Challenger
Buddy Conyors, Paris KY, 1994 Buick Roadmaster
Derrick Cooksey, Winchester KY, 2002 Chevy Camaro
Donald Dalton, Lexington KY, 1992 Chevy Cavalier
Thomas Delaney, Lexington KY, 2007 Saturn Sky Roadster
Walter Dunn Sr., Winchester KY, 2001 Ford Mustang
Lesa & Wayne Franklin, Somerset KY, 2009 Ford
Mark & Marlene Geiser, Winchester KY, 2011 Dodge Challenger
Chuck Hinkle, Danville KY, 2013 Dodge Challenger
James Jett, Lexington KY, 1993 Chevy S10
Jenny Jewell, Wilmore KY, 2011 Dodge Challenger
Rebecca Lay, Lexington KY, 1990 Mazda Miata
Curtis & Holly Morton, Richmond KY, 1995 Chevy Z28
Sandy Ousley, Corinth KY, 1995 Chevy Silverado
Rick Pasley, Cincinnati OH, 2007 Ford Mustang
Caleb Price, Mt. Vernon KY, 2013 Dodge Charger
Bob & Billie Jo Richmond, Winchester KY, 2015 Dodge Challenger
Ron Sprinkle, Russell Springs KY, 2002 Chevy Monte Carlo
Troy Thompson, Owensville IN, 1997 Chevy Camaro
Mark Vance, Winchester KY, 2005 Cadillac
Jeff Walling, Winchester KY, 2011 Ram
Virgil Weddle Jr., Richmond KY, 2013 Cadillac
Bryan Wilmot, Berea KY, 2004 Ford Lariat

TOP 5 CORVETTES - 1985 & UP:
David Enoch, Mt. Sterling KY, 1995 Chevy Corvette
Glenn Griggs, Paris KY, 2005 Chevy Corvette
Montana Ogden, Paris KY, 2006 Chevy Corvette
Kevin Skeens, Sanville KY, 2004 Chevy Corvette
James Sprinkle, Nicholasville KY, 2002 Chevy Corvette

TOP 5 MUSTANGS - 1985 & UP:
Tim Christopher, Winchester KY, 2013 Ford Mustang
Dan Doucette, Salyersville KY, 2013 Ford Mustang
Priscilla Hicks, Liberty Township OH, 2011 Ford Mustang
Cyndi Jones, Irvine KY, 22 Ford Mustang
Donald Sanders, Harrodsburg KY, 2005 Ford Mustang

TOP 5 CAMARO - 1985 & UP:
Danny Hammond, Nicholasville KY, 2015 Chevy Camaro
Will & Cathy Stevenson, Wellington KY, 2010 Chevy Camaro
Bobby Stokes, Richmond KY, 2014 Chevy Camaro
Chris Thompson, Versailles KY, 2013 Chevy Camaro
Keith Wiseman, Paris KY, 2013 Chevy Camaro

Chris Gilbert, Winchester KY, 2005 Suzuki
Gary Griffieth, Winchester KY, 2002 Kawasaki
Gary Hall, Clay City KY, 2007 Custume Dyna
Darnell Martin, Berea KY, 1999 Harley Davidson
Darnell Martin, Berea KY, 2012 Harley Davidson
Archie Miles, Paris KY, 1983 Honda
Darlene Miles, Paris KY, 2009 Honda
Kevin Moody, Lexington KY 2013 Harley Davidson
Christopher Pack, Lexington KY, 1997 Harley Davidson
Melvin Stevens, Morehead KY, 2003 Iron Horse

Ollie Brinegar, Winchester KY, 1949 Ford 8N
Thomas Elder, Waddy KY, 1953 Farmall Super A
Gary Hess, Winchester KY, 1954 Ford Jubilee
Jim Hinkle, Waddy KY, 1948 Ford 8N
Scotty Satterwhite, Winchester KY, 1947 Gibson

Jane Hall, London KY, Mustang Pedal Car
Marshall Howard, Frankfort KY, John Deere Old Toy
Kameron Smither, Frankfort KY, 1968 John Deere
Kameron Smither, Frankfort KY, 1965 John Deere

Kenneth Blair, Richmond KY, 1969 Volkswagon Sand Rail
Barry Edwards, Winchester KY, 1986 Land Rover Defender 110
Robbie Fountain, Winchester KY, 1980 Chevy
Aaron Jackson, Winchester KY, 1993 Cushman Police
Melvin Stevens, Morehead KY, 1993 Dodge

RAT RODS - 1969 & BELOW:
Anthony Fountain, Winchester KY, 1933 Plymouth
Ben & Rebecca Lay, Lexington KY, 1947 Chevy 1.5 ton camper
Derrick McKeelan, Corbin KY, 1941 Chevy Pickup
Jerry McKenzie, Richmond KY, 1949 International
David Trimble, Versailles KY, 1941 Chevy Pickup

Susie Becknell, Nicholasvlle KY 1970 Chevy Nova
Judy Cooper, Lexington KY, 1941 Ford
Regina Douglas, Richmond KY, 1934 Chevy Vicky
Katrina Kelly, Lexington KY, 1985 Chevy S-10
Sharon Stepp, Richmond KY, 1939 Pontiac

Troy Thompson, Owingsville IN, 238 miles

Tanya Marshall, .75 miles

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